Diversity Equity Inclusion

Biology DEI Committee

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Membership on the Biology DEI Committee is open to undergraduate students, graduate students, post-docs, faculty, and staff in the Department of Biology and meets monthly. The Biology DEI Committee is actively seeking to broaden the diversity and range of perspectives of our members. Please email Lori Adams (lori-adams@uiowa.edu) to express your interest in joining this committee. 

Current Members:

Lori Adams, Associate Professor of Instruction; Program Director, Iowa Biosciences Academy and Latham Science Engagement Initiative

Marlys Boote, Academic Services Coordinator

Chi-Lien Cheng, Professor

Josep Comeron, Professor            

Angie Cordle, Instructional Services Specialist

Carina Donne, Graduate Student

Amr El Zawily, Lecturer

Andrew Forbes, Associate Professor

Anna Gaw, Senior Academic Advisor

Erin Foster Hartley, Assistant to the DEO; Administrative Services Coordinator

Alaine Hippee, Graduate Student

Erin Irish, Associate Professor; Director of Undergraduate Studies

Steve Kehoe, Administrative Services Coordinator

Ana Llopart, Associate Professor

John Manak, Associate Professor

Briante Najev, Graduate Student

Maurine Neiman, Associate Professor

Ryan Pellow, Graduate Student

David Rehard, Lecturer

Sofia Sheikh, Graduate Student

Cindy Toll, CCG Manager