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Inclusive Teaching Resources

Diversify your curriculum - Project Biodiversify (https://projectbiodiversify.org/) offers many resources you can use to increase representation and inclusion in your courses. They maintain a repository of studies useful in teaching commonly-taught biology topics, with a focus on promoting the work of scientists representative of human diversity. They provide slides you can adapt for your own courses, and you can also submit curricular materials of your own.

University of Iowa Acknowledgment of Land and Sovereignty information (PowerPoint slides or PDF) for faculty and instructors to share with students.

Inclusive Teaching - This article describes an online, evidence-based teaching guide that serves as a resource for faculty, instructors, and T.A.s to develop inclusive teaching practices. The guide also includes an instructor checklist with actionable steps to guide instructors as they develop inclusive teaching environments.

Race Matters (Asai, 2020) - This article, published in Cell, shows that while Persons Excluded because of Ethnicity or Race (PEERs) are now more likely than in 1992 to enter college with an interest in STEM, there has been essentially no improvement in the proportion of PEERs that stay in STEM or go on to receive PhDs. Asai suggests that putting inclusiveness at the center of the culture of science is key to making change, puts the onus on faculty to make such cultural changes, and offers recommendations for Biology departments, including a specific focus on reforming how introductory science courses are taught. A recording of Dr. Asai's engaging talk for the Society for the Advancement of Biology Education Research (SABER) (8/27/20) summarizes his findings and recommendations, and is available here:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/m3y1a1vb6txyh6d/Asai_Recording.mp4?dl=0 

Cultivate Classroom Equity - This article provides 21 strategies for promoting student engagement and equity in the classroom.

The University of Iowa Department of Chemistry Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion website curates a similar and complementary list of teaching resources.