Biology Faculty & Staff Recognized by Graduating Class of 2018

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May 23, 2018

The graduating Class of 2018 recognizes UI faculty and staff members for making a positive difference in their lives during their time at the University of Iowa​. Click on the link below to see the full list. The names shown below are Department of Biology faculty, staff, and graduate students included in the list. Congratulations!!
Lori Adams
Ben Alleva​
Angie Cordle
Mike Dailey
Dan Eberl
Albert Erives
Jean Fitzgerald
Andrew Forbes​
Mark Holbrook
Douglas Houston
Bridget Lear
Brenda Leicht​
John Logsdon​
John Manak​
Maurine Neiman​
Diane C Slusarski​
Sarit Smolikove
Christopher Stipp
Ray Tallent
Cindy Toll​
Joshua Weiner​
Chun-Fang Wu. 

*Note: Names listed in bold in the following link are faculty and staff members who were identified by 5 or more students:

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