Department of Biology Recognizes Students for Academic Achievement & Involvement

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May 15, 2020

The Department of Biology would like to take this opportunity to recognize those students who have excelled academically as well as students who have been highly engaged with our recruiting and outreach events and our UIBIO student organization. Congratulations to this list of outstanding students!! Please also click here for our department scholarship and award recipients!

Department of Biology Honors Students
The following students are graduating with Honors in their respective major (Biology, Biomedical Sciences, or Neuroscience):
Owen Alford (Green Lab)
Tyler Atagozli (Fassler Lab)
Megan Crotts (Richerson Lab)
Madison Day (Smolikove Lab)
Yue Dong (Neiman Lab)
Alexia Herber (Weiner Lab)
Angie Kalwies (Logsdon Lab)
Cameron Keomanivong (Narayanan Lab)
Travis Larson (Narayanan Lab)
Margaret Mungai (Abel/Slusarski Labs)
Marissa Roseman (Neiman Lab)
Leslie Speight (Neiman Lab)

Phi Beta Kappa Society
The following Biology, Biomedical Sciences, and Neuroscience students have been invited to join Phi Beta Kappa - America's most prestigious academic honor society - for the academic year 2019-20:
Jonah Alderson
John Atagozli
Cameron Brueck
Akanksha Chilukuri
Molly Droeszler
Gabriel Ewert
Ryan Fair
Joseph Frommelt
Dustin Fykstra
Erin Golden
Nicole Hobson
Dariya Kozlova
Travis Larson
Lu Lin
Madison Merfeld
Dylan Mittauer
Ashlyn Mulcahey
Anthony Pamatmat
Praveen Perera
Nicholas Pitcher
Marissa Roseman
Arshaq Saleem
Lauren Schmidt
Ellen Slattery
Sydney Stork
Hanxi Tang
Tuan Truong
Andrew Wendel
Anushi Wijayagunaratne
Abbygale Willging
Amy Yan

Department of Biology Student Ambassadors
The following seniors are being recognized as student ambassadors for the Department of Biology and their participation in many recruiting and outreach events:
Vanessa Alizo
Frank Boksa
Cassandra Burke
Hannah Ericson
Joe Hentges
Arman Hlas
Cameron Keomanivong
Elizabeth (Lizzy) Kruse
Travis Larson
Rikki Laser
Madison Merfeld
Jordan Samuel
Carl Skoog
Nathan Tesfa
Brandon Toth

UIBIO Student Organization
These seniors are being recognized for their involvement with the UIBIO student organization. Each of these students will earn a UIBIO graduation cord.
*Owen Alford
*Jayden Bisson
*Bridget Carroll
*Maram El-Geneidy
*Katie Fields
*Harper Gagliano
*Sophie Granger
Alexia Herber
*McKenna Knock
Jennifer Ong
*This student was a member of the UIBIO Executive Board.