Department of Biology Recognizes Undergraduate Students

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Steve Kehoe, Department of Biology
June 2, 2022 - 12:00am

The Department of Biology would like to take this opportunity to recognize those students who have excelled academically as well as students who have been highly engaged with our recruiting and outreach events and our UIBIO student organization. Congratulations to all of these outstanding students! Please also click here for our department scholarship and award recipients!

Department of Biology Honors Students
The following students are graduating with Honors in their respective major (Biology, Biomedical Sciences, or Neuroscience). Department of Biology labs are specified.
Abby Davison - Neuroscience major (Russo Lab)
Jackson Dunning - Biology major (Neiman Lab in the Department of Biology)
Gabriel Gaudencio - Neuroscience major (LaLumiere Lab)
Suzanne Mason - Neuroscience major (Marcinkiewcz Lab)
Alexis Oppman - Biomedical Sciences major (Grueter Lab)
Devanshee Patel - Neuroscience major (Boudreau Lab)
Madison Sieperda - Biomedical Sciences major (Otterloo Lab)
Dane Tow - Biomedical Sciences major (Ear Lab)
Trevor Viohl - Neuroscience major (Boes Lab)

Department of Biology Ambassador Training Program
The following students completed the Department of Biology's Ambassador Training Program in the Spring 2022 semester. Students in this new program were trained on communicating science to visiting high school students and their guests as they toured our department.
Leanne Lowry
Rachel Orpano
Kartik Sivakumar

Department of Biology Student Ambassadors
The following seniors are being recognized as student ambassadors for the Department of Biology for their participation in our outreach and recruiting events and activities.
Laura Evans
Jivan Koneru
Saul Ocampo Landa
Rachel Orpano
Kartik Sivakumar

UIBIO Student Organization
These students are being recognized for their involvement with the UIBIO student organization. The Leadership Award recognizes those students who were a member of the UIBIO Executive Board for 2021-2022. The Participation Award recognizes those students who earned a green cord to symbolize their attendance and participation in UIBIO events and activities.
Leadership Award
Noble Briggs
Paisley Bryant
Amanda Caraballo
Vita Domnenko
Hope Fury
Bailey Goldberg
Bailey Hollis
Brianna Iverson
Rachel Orpano
Abby Steinman

Participation Award
Swetha Ashokkumar
Mauricio Sandoval Gonzalez
Sydney Harris
Alexis Oppman
Isabella Perales