UI Celebrates Science with 10th Annual Iowa City Darwin Day

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Connor Morgan, CBS2/FOX28
March 6, 2017

IOWA CITY, Iowa (CBS2/FOX28) — The University of Iowa honored the legacy of Charles Darwin less than a month after what would have been his 208th birthday by hosting the 10th annual Iowa City Darwin Day, recognizing the area's scientific contribution in a two-day event on the university's campus.

The event offered an opportunity for the general public to listen to a range of science-related lectures.

Event coordinators said Darwin Day aims to shatter stereotypes surrounding the scientific community.

"I want people to know science isn't just a bunch of old, white men in their ivory towers," said Maurine Nieman, an associate professor in the university's biology department. "Scientists are engaging and fun and the community is dynamic."

The event has grown since its inaugural year in 2007, its evolution sure to make even Darwin proud.

"Every year we've been trying to ramp up and get bigger and better," said Nieman, adding the interest resulted in a standing-room-only crowd for Friday, the first afternoon of the two-day celebration.

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