Michael Dailey, Ph.D.

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Michael Dailey
Associate Professor
PhD, Washington University (St. Louis), 1990
Email: Phone:
(319) 335-1067
Lab Phone:
(319) 335-2695
369A Biology Building
129 East Jefferson St., Iowa City, IA 52242-1324
Lab Website: Google Scholar Link:

Research Areas

Research Summary

Microglial cell structure and function in mammalian brain development and pathology.

Research in our laboratory seeks to understand the roles of glial cells in mammalian brain development and response to neural injury. Current projects are focused on identifying how specific purinergic signaling pathways regulate microglial cell activation, survival, and mobilization. To address these questions, we utilize confocal and multiphoton imaging methodology in combination with pharmacological and genetic manipulations. Models of brain injury include ischemic stroke and fetal alcohol spectrum disorders in ex vivo cell culture and tissue slice preparations, and in intact brain in vivo.