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Room Reservation Policy

The following priority system has been established for processing room reservations:

Priority 1
- Regularly scheduled classes, arranged time classes.

Priority 2
- Seminars, review sessions, and other academic-related events.
(e.g. journal club series, organized discussion session series, PhD defense)

Priority 3
- Lab meetings, office hours, and single use reservations.

Non-departmental requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Priority 2: Can be reserved 3 months in advance. The department reserves the right to recall the room if it is needed for a class. Confirmation of the reservation can usually be guaranteed by the third week of classes.

Priority 3: Reservation requests will be confirmed the third week of classes or after the arranged time classes have scheduled their meeting days/times. Reservations can be made on a day-to-day basis during those first two weeks of each academic session (Fall, Spring, Summer).

Priority 3 reservations on a continuing basis (e.g. weekly) can be made on an academic session basis [see session schedule below]. Exception: Reservations for office hours will be made only until the end of regular session classes. This does not include finals week, unless the TA or Instructor specifically requests that the room reservation continues into finals week. Reservations for the first two weeks of each academic session will be accepted on a day-to-day basis.

For the purpose of reserving rooms the length of the academic sessions are defined as follows:

Fall Session
Begins - Week 3 of classes.
Ends - Friday before start of spring semester.

Spring Session
Begins - Week 3 of classes.
Ends - Friday before start of 8 week summer session.

Summer Session
Begins - Week 2 of classes.
Ends - Friday before start of fall semester.

A standard method of entry will be used in recording reservations on the Room Reservation Calendar (e.g. course#, course title, or description/purpose of reservation and instructor or contact name). Please contact the Biology Main Office at (319) 335-1050 or email for further information or to reserve a room.