Department of Biology

Biology identityThe Department of Biology investigates a wide range of research questions across the vast disciplines of the biological sciences. Our interdisciplinary faculty have research interests in areas ranging from single cells to entire systems and questions ranging from why we need sex to the origin of diseases at the cellular level. We invite you to explore our website to learn more about our outstanding faculty and their research.

  • Conura Albifrons image submitted by the Andrew Forbes Lab.
  • Photo of Karmen Mah, an iBio Ph.D. student, performing research in the Weiner Lab.
  • Neurons in the cerebral cortex of trangenic mice, provided by the Weiner Lab.
  • C. elegans under a microscope, provided by the Smolikove Lab.
  • Photo of the skywalk that connects Biology Building East (BBE) to the Biology Building (BB).
  • GFP+ Microglia & YFP+ Neurons in P12 mouse neocortex (CX3CR1GFP/+:Thy1-YFP) - Michael Dailey
  • Children at the Iowa City Fall Fun Festival at Regina High School in Iowa City, IA.

    Biology Outreach Program

    The University of Iowa Department of Biology participates in outreach activities to engage a range of audiences from students at the K-12 level, to residents of surrounding Iowa area communities, and state legislators.

There are no seminars at this time.

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