• Associate Professor Andrew Forbes talking with two undergraduate students.
  • Images of an empty (left) and a sperm-loaded (right) spermathecal caps.
  • Biology students studying during laboratory course.
  • An image of the spinal cord of a neonatal mouse. Image provided by the Weiner Lab.
  • A Biology student looking under the microscope.
  • Control (left) and Greb1l mouse mutants (middle, right) displaying kidney agenesis phenotypes. Image provided by the Manak Lab.
  • Professor Josh Weiner and Biology students performing outreach in the community.

    Biology Outreach Program

    The University of Iowa Department of Biology participates in outreach activities to engage a range of audiences from students at the K-12 level, to residents of surrounding Iowa area communities, and state legislators.

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Undergraduate Students
enrolled as Biology majors1
Student to Faculty ratio
students enrolled in Biology courses
(Fall 2016 and Spring 2017)
$5,056,139 in Grant funding
received in 20172
for Renovation Project to
upgrade teaching labs
of undergraduate students
participated in research3

1Includes Biology (752), Biomedical Sciences (43) and Neuroscience(75) majors. Source: Office of the Registrar (as of December 1, 2017).
2This amount includes direct and indirect costs for fiscal year 2017.
3With a professor outside of regular course assignments.