Room reservations

Reserve a room in the Biology Building (BB) or Biology Building East (BBE) by entering your hawkID using this form:

This will direct you to a form to complete through Workflow using the Ad Astra room reservation system. This form will be routed and reviewed by Biology Administrative staff. If you have any questions, please email or call the Biology Administrative Office at 319-335-1050.

NOTE: If you wish to reserve the BBE auditorium (101 BBE) or the TILE classroom in BB (154 BB), please visit the University Classroom website (click on the "Astra Schedule Viewer" under the "Check Classroom Availability" section instead of the previous link) and complete the Department Reservation Form (for 101 BBE) or the TILE Classroom Reservation Form (for 154 BB). Other Registrar-controlled rooms can be reserved using the appropriate form.

View availability of Biology-controlled rooms along with all general university classrooms here (click on the "Astra Schedule Viewer" under the "Check Classroom Availability" section). For ease of viewing, change to a week's view in the upper left and then use the middle drop-down Calendar bar to choose Biology for our Biology-controlled rooms. Registrar-controlled room schedules may also be viewed using the various Calendar choices or Filters from the drop-down in the upper right corner.

Additional resources

Department of Biology Intranet

Access information on UI Facilities Management notifications, announcements, events, department committees, and more!

Biology IT

Contact the IT help desk to request assistance with computer support and IT-related services.

Biology Engineering Shop

Contact the Biology Engineering Shop to request assistance with services they provide.

Poster printing request form

Use this online form via UI Workflow to request for a poster to be printed.