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The mission of the Department of Biology is to provide excellence in undergraduate and graduate education. We strive to provide the attention and opportunities students at all levels need to succeed in biology. At the undergraduate level we combine classroom and laboratory experience with research opportunities. At the graduate level we provide state-of-the-art research infrastructure and facilities supporting internationally recognized research programs. Our research programs are supported by funding from many Federal and private agencies: NIH, NSF, American Heart Association and Roy J. Carver Foundation to name a few.

We also foster an environment that encourages interdisciplinary approaches to teaching and research. We encourage our faculty to work closely with other departments on campus and around the globe addressing the most challenging research questions.

The Department of Biology focuses on teaching and research in four primary areas and offers undergraduate specialization in the following disciplines:

Department of Biology Research Identity

At the graduate level we offer degree tracks in Cell and Developmental Biology, Genetics, Evolution and Neurobiology.

The Department of Biology houses facilities and centers to assist faculty, students and staff in their pursuit of research excellence:

To read more about each of these, see the Core Research Facilities page.

The table below shows a breakdown of department personnel:

Breakdown of Departmental Personnel
Faculty Departmental Staff Research Personnel
Assistant Professor 3 Administrative Staff 9 Scientific/Research Assistants 20
Associate Professor 15 Facility Support 2 Research Scientists 12
Full Professor 10 Instructional Support 9 Postdoctoral Research Scholars 7
Lecturers/Adjunct 5 Research Support 9 Graduate students 54
Teaching Assistants 80     Undergraduate students 71

Biology staff strive to facilitate the research and teaching mission of the department, as well as creating a pleasant and friendly work environment.

To learn more about our faculty research visit our Faculty Research pages.