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People in this Area

Chi-Lien Cheng - Alternation of generations in land plants; Vegetative phase change in maize
Josep Comeron - Population Genetics, Genomics and Evolution of Recombination
Daniel Eberl - Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Hearing and Auditory Behavior
Albert Erives - Regulatory genomics, evolutionary genomics, evolution of metazoa
Jan Fassler - Detection and Response to Osmotic and Oxidative Stress in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
Andrew Forbes - Evolutionary Ecology; Speciation
Bin Z. He - Evolution of stress responses in pathogenic fungi, evolution of gene regulation using genomics and bioinformatics
Erin Irish - Plant Developmental Genetics
Ana Llopart - Speciation Genetics
John Logsdon - Evolutionary Molecular Genetics
Anna Malkova - Repair of double-strand breaks (DSB): Break-Induced Replication (BIR)
John Manak - Genomics, Genetics, Neurobiology
Bryan Phillips - Cell Fate Determination in C. elegans
Veena Prahlad - Neuronal control of cellular stress responses
Sarit Smolikove - DNA damage repair and chromosome synapsis in C. elegans meiosis
Chun-Fang Wu - Neurogenetics of Drosophila