The parasitic wasp Eupelmus vesicularis, provided by the Forbes Lab.


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People in this Area

Josep Comeron, Ph.D. - Population Genetics, Genomics and Evolution of Recombination
Albert Erives, Ph.D. - Regulatory genomics, evolutionary genomics, evolution of metazoa
Jan Fassler, Ph.D. - Detection and Response to Osmotic and Oxidative Stress in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
Andrew Forbes, Ph.D. - Evolutionary Ecology; Speciation
Bin Z. He, Ph.D. - Evolution of stress responses in pathogenic fungi, evolution of gene regulation using genomics and bioinformatics
Ana Llopart, Ph.D. - Speciation Genetics
John Logsdon, Ph.D. - Evolutionary Molecular Genetics
Maurine Neiman, Ph.D. - Evolution of sexual reproduction and ploidy level