Head of a frog embryo following removal of one ear. The  nerves are labeled with an antibody against acetylated tubulin (green), and hair  cells of the remaining ear are labeled with an antibody against Myosin VI (red).  Cell nuclei are blue. Image provided by Fritzsch Lab.


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Mark Blumberg, Ph.D. - Developmental Behavioral Neuroscience
Michael Dailey, Ph.D. - Microglial cell structure and function in mammalian brain development and pathology.
Daniel Eberl, Ph.D. - Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Hearing and Auditory Behavior
Steven Green, Ph.D. - Neurodegeneration, neural regeneration, and neuroimmune interactions in the mammalian cochlea
Douglas Houston, Ph.D. - Localized molecules and maternal signalling pathways in vertebrate development
Alan Kay, Ph.D. - Ion and Water Fluxes in Nervous Systems
John Manak, Ph.D. - Genomics, Genetics, Neurobiology
Christopher Stipp, Ph.D. - Cell Surface Interaction Maps, Cell Migration, & Mechanisms of Integrin Functional Diversity
Dan Summers, Ph.D. - Protein homeostasis in developing and diseased neurons
Joshua Weiner, Ph.D. - Molecular Mechanisms of Neuronal Differentiation and Neural Circuit Formation
Chun-Fang Wu, Ph.D. - Neurogenetics of Drosophila