An image of a Caenorhabditis elegans (C. elegans), an experimental  model animal studied in the Phillips Lab. C. elegans is a free-living,  non-parasitic soil roundworm with a large number of genes very  similar to other organisms, including humans. Photo provided by Maria Gallegos.

Cell and Developmental Biology

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People in this Area

Michael Dailey - Microglial cell structure and function in mammalian brain development and pathology.
Albert Erives - Regulatory genomics, evolutionary genomics, evolution of metazoa
Steven Green - Control of Neuronal Survival and Synaptogenesis by Neural Activity
Douglas Houston - Localized molecules and maternal signalling pathways in vertebrate development
Erin Irish - Plant Developmental Genetics
Alan Kay - Ion and Water Fluxes in Nervous Systems
Bryan Phillips - Cell Fate Determination in C. elegans
Sarit Smolikove - DNA damage repair and chromosome synapsis in C. elegans meiosis
Christopher Stipp - Cell Surface Interaction Maps, Cell Migration, & Mechanisms of Integrin Functional Diversity
Dan Summers - Protein homeostasis in developing and diseased neurons
Joshua Weiner - Molecular Mechanisms of Neuronal Differentiation and Neural Circuit Formation