Sarit Smolikove

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Sarit Smolikove
Associate Professor
PhD, Tel Aviv University (Israel), 2004
Email: Phone:
(319) 335-1977
Lab Phone:
(319) 335-1214
308 Biology Building
129 East Jefferson St., Iowa City, IA 52242-1324
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Research Areas

Research Summary

DNA damage repair and chromosome synapsis in C. elegans meiosis

Selected Images

The sequence of events requited for faithful chromosome segregation that take place during meiotic prophase I. At the entry to meiotic prophase I, homologous chromosomes (blue) engage, initiate pairing interactions and SC (red) assembly is initiated. As meiosis progresses, synapsis is completed, leading to the tight association of chromosomes throughout their length. Then, in the context of a fully assembled SC, crossovers are formed
a) Basic anatomy of C. elegans. The gonadal arms are depicted in orange. b) One dissected gonadal arm in which the chromosomes are stained in blue and the SC in red. The position of nuclei in the gonad reflects the stage they are in during meiotic prophase I. Using high-resolution microscopy, the various steps of SC morphogenesis and meiotic chromosome dynamics are easily observed; c) Chromosomes pair and SC assembly initiates. d) Chromosomes synapse: in this step, crossovers are formed but are not yet...