Biology students in the TILE classroom in the Department of Biology.

Undergraduate Program

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The Department of Biology offers undergraduate degrees in Biology (B.A.), Biology (B.S.), Biomedical Sciences (B.S.), and, jointly, with the Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences, Neuroscience (B.S.).

Biology is the study of life. Advances in the understanding of living systems impact almost every aspect of modern life. From food to biofuel to medicine, biological applications are integral to modern society and further advances will be necessary to address the challenges that the future presents. Now is a great time to study biology. Because biology is central to the life sciences, an undergraduate degree in biology, biomedical sciences or neuroscience presents diverse career opportunities. Considering a career in medicine, forensics, biotechnology, public health, or natural resources? Whether your interest is in research or service, we offer degree programs that will support your employment after graduation or your continued studies in professional or graduate school. The opportunities are endless and our undergraduate degree programs represent a first step in building your future.