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Journal Club Articles related to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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Journal Club Articles for DEI in Biology

Responses to 10 common criticisms of anti-racism action in STEMM (Gosztyla et al. 2021) - This article presents lucid arguments in response to obstructionist complaints against DEI work (e.g., "We should stick to the science", "It's reverse discrimination", and "we should only hire based on merit")

Language Matters: Considering Microaggressions in Science | CBE—Life Sciences Education - Recommended by Lori Adams to raise awareness about what microaggressions are and how to respond to them in a research group setting. This article can be used to initiate conversations about everyday language in the research group environment that may unintentionally exclude some members. This article can also be used in conjunction with taking an implicit bias test to initiate conversations about unconscious bias that can take place in the research group environment that may unintentionally exclude some members. As stated by the authors “We all make mistakes and may lack awareness of the way our words may affect those around us. We also all have unconscious biases that influence how we interact with one another.”

Recreating Wakanda by promoting Black excellence in ecology and evolution (Schell et al. 2020) - this article provides feasible suggestions for how Biology departments can implement anti-racist policies through specific structural changes in trainint and mentoring, evaluation, and recognition of excellence.

Hidden Figures in Ecology and Evolution (Miriti et al. 2020) - This article focuses on the problems and challenges posed by retention (vs recruitment) with respect to STEM diversity initiatives, with a particular focus on recognizing and amplifying the accomplishments and contributions of black female scholars. The goal is to support and empower early career researchers who are women of color.

White Academia: Do Better - Recommended as a starting place for anyone - but especially white people - looking to do the work to fight against racism in academic settings. Makes several brief points that could inspire discussion among your lab group or peers. Also includes many recommendations for additional readings/videos/podcasts.

Too many senior white academics still resist recognizing racism (Bumpus, 2020) - Reflections and recommendations from a Black biologist and department chair, with particular focus on failures of white colleagues in recognizing and confronting racism in academia.

Inclusive Teaching - This article describes an online, evidence-based teaching guide that serves as a resource for faculty, instructors, and T.A.s to develop inclusive teaching practices. The guide also includes an instructor checklist with actionable steps to guide instructors as they develop inclusive teaching environments.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: Racial inequity in grant funding from the US National Institutes of Health - Analysis of responses of the NIH to systemic racism in reserch funding, alongside recommendations for improvement.

Articles from other fields about improving climate in science departments and professional societies. These articles do not deal directly with Biology, but the problems they address - and solutions they recommend - are universal. Hostile climates are barriers to diversifying the geosciences (Marín-Spiotta et al. 2020) discusses hostile departmental climates, the importance of understanding intersectionality, and problems arising from power dynamics in academia. Building an Inclusive AAS - The Critical Role of Diversity and Inclusion Training for AAS Council and Astronomy Leadership (Brinkworth 2016) reviews some of the science that shows why diversity in the academy improves innovation and creativity, refutes the idea that science is a meritocracy, and presents why belief in the meritocracy negatively affects non-white, non-male students. The article also strongly advocates for diversity and inclusion training.

Members of the Department of Biology DEI advisory committee curate this list of articles. All faculty, staff, graduate, and undergraduate students are invited and encouraged to share additional resourses. Send yours to: biology@uiowa.edu