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Roy J. Carver Center for Genomics

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Roy J. Carver Center for Genomics logoThe Roy J. Carver Center for Genomics (CCG) is a research and service center within the Department of Biology on the campus of The University of Iowa. Our mission is to promote the understanding of molecular, cellular and population level processes through the integrated analysis of genes and genomes, expression profiles and functional and structural cellular properties.

The CCG is covering all aspects of modern molecular biology techniques with particular emphasis on genomic and computational approaches. We currently offer services including 'NextGen' DNA sequencing (454-Roche pyrosequencing) and Sanger sequencing (ABI capillary sequencing), microarray hybridization (Nimblegen), real-time (RT) PCR, molecular imaging and Flow cytometry (Beckman Coulter). Additionally, we also offer custom-tailored bioinformatics data analysis and assistance to multiple molecular biology projects.

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The CCG offers service for Agilent microarrays.

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The CCG offers complete genome sequencing solutions for this platform.

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The CCG is an OpGen Service Provider.