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Sanger Sequencing

Full-Service Sanger Sequencing
The CCG staff is currently performing full-service Sanger sequencing on Tuesdays and Thursdays:

  • Submit templates by 6am on Tuesdays and Thursdays for runs that day. Data will be available for download either later that day or the following morning.
  • The cost of each sample will be $6.75 effective March 1, 2021.
  • Bring templates to 232 BB (-20 freezer) in a 0.5 ml tube.

Instrument Scheduling and Sequencing Results Login
Sequence Submission Form
Template and Primer Requirements

NGS Library Preparation for Illumina® HiSeq 4000

  • Illumina® TruSeq Stranded mRNA
  • Illumina® TruSeq Stranded Total RNA
              RiboZero Gold     
  • Kapa Hyper Prep

RNA Services

  • RNA QC
              Integrity of RNA by Bio-Rad Experion Electrophoresis System
              Quantification by Fluorometer/RiboGreen Assay
              Purity of RNA by NanoDrop One
  • RNA Extraction from tissues and cells
  • RNA Cleanup and Concentration
  • RNA Amplification
  • cDNA Normalization

DNA Services

  • DNA QC
              Quantification by Fluorometer/PicoGreen Assay
              Purity of DNA by NanoDrop One
  • gDNA Isolation from tissues and cells
  • gDNA Cleanup and Concentration
  • Custom PCR Projects
              Primer Design
              Sanger Sequencing