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The Honors Program in Biology offers students the opportunity to learn research techniques directly from the faculty and their research groups in the Department of Biology.

These students acquire skills through:

  • Independent Research Projects
  • One-on-One Mentoring by one of the Department's Scientists
  • Seminar Presentations
  • Writing an Honors Thesis describing their Research Results

Papers Published by Biology Honors Students

In some cases, Biology Honors students will have the opportunity to publish their research in peer-reviewed journals. Click here to view links to papers co-authored by undergraduates in Biology at the University of Iowa.

Recent Honors Program Graduates Reflect on University of Iowa Experience

The Biology Honors Program offers undergraduate students the opportunity to learn research techniques directly from the faculty and their research groups in the Department of Biology. Three May 2011 graduates of the program reflect on the quality of education they received from the University of Iowa. Jeffrey Nirschl (Wu Lab) and Andrew Weber (Manak Lab), are at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine pursuing a MD/Ph.D. through the Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) and a MD, respectively. The following excerpt is an email the Department of Biology staff received from them. "We both wanted to express our gratitude to everyone in the department for the quality coursework and for holding UI Biology students to high standards. We recently talked about how we each felt that our Biology courses were very good preparation for what we have completed of medical school thus far. Every concept we've discussed in medical school was, in one way or another, addressed in one or more of the core Biology classes. We especially wanted to recognize the strong foundation that Principles of Biology I and II and Fundamental Genetics provided."

Another May 2011 graduate, Yihan Sun (Stipp Lab), had this to add: "I encourage every student to participate in undergraduate research." She goes on to say, "getting involved in the Biology Honors Program was one of the best choices I made while attending The University of Iowa. By reading scientific papers, asking questions, conducting experiments and presenting research results, I gained invaluable insights into how scientists think, work, and communicate. My mentor provided me with supportive, encouraging guidance, which not only helped me to grow up as a young scientist, but also motivated me to explore new possibilities." Yihan is currently pursuing a Pharm.D. at the University of Michigan.

For more information about Yihan's experience and Patric Vaelli, a current student in the Biology Honors Program, please read the Honors Program Spotlight.

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Biology Honors Advisor

Dr. Lori Adams
169 Biology Building
Phone: (319) 335-1322