Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences

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The interdisciplinary Biomedical Sciences major (BS) is designed for the undergraduate student with an aptitude for the sciences and who plans to attend medical school or to conduct biomedical research in graduate school and beyond. The BS degree is intended particularly for students preparing for research and/or practice in the chemical, genetic, cellular, physiological basis of human disease. The major requires a minimum of 78 semester hours of course work in the natural sciences, mathematics, statistics, and the social sciences.

The major is selective, with a limited number of students admitted, and the curriculum is challenging, requiring extreme dedication by its students who will be mentored by UI faculty members from the participating disciplines.

Admission Requirements and Procedures
Students applying for admission to UI and to CLAS directly from high school with the following profile will be considered for admission to the major as space in the program permits:

  • A minimum ACT composite score of 29 or the equivalent SAT composite.
  • A minimum ACT Math and Scientific Reasoning score of 29 or the equivalent SAT score.
  • A minimum high school cumulative GPA of 3.70.
  • A record of completing advanced science courses in high school as AP, IB, or Honors courses if offered by the high school and/or of completing a second course in a sequence of courses (such as Chemistry I and Chemistry II), with grades in key science courses considered.
  • A dedication to and passion for the sciences and mathematics as indicated in a statement of purpose.

A student may also be admitted to the major as a continuing student at Iowa or as a transfer student, with the understanding that a late declaration of the major may delay graduation. Applicants must demonstrate a record of academic excellence in the sciences through their outstanding grades in related UI or transfer course work. A statement of purpose and one letter of reference from a science or mathematics instructor is required. Before admission to the program, a student must meet with the director of undergraduate studies. Admission to the program also depends on the number of spaces available in the program and the logistics of faculty mentorship as well as the student’s ability to work in a team, to show a strong work ethic, and to have a high-level of academic integrity, as necessary for research in a faculty lab.

Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences (starting in Fall 2015)
Biomedical Science Curriculum