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2022 REU Cohort: Front: Autumn Woolpert; Back: Alex Evers, Sophie Draper, Aaron Ortiz, Nicolas Sierra, Shannon Rollins, Jose Zapata, Amy Zine, Cyric Stults. Not Pictured: Sarai Badillo.



2021 REU Cohort:

2021 cohort
2021 REU Cohort in beautiful downtown Iowa City. Front: Victoria Martinez, Bailey Goldberg. Back: Saron Akalu, Anna Brant, Guerin Brown, Cassidy Gabbert, Dante Centuori, Krysta Mullen, Will Rumfelt, Athena Aguiar, Ava Biscoe

2021 REU Digital posters


2019 REU cohort:

2019 alums
2019 REU cohort at the U.Iowa Summer Undergraduate Research Festival. Back row: Isiaha Price, Charles Davis; Front row: Drew Seiler, Rebecca Davenport, Rachel Nelson, Alex Jonguitud, Carolina Pacheco Diaz, Ari Szubryt, Amanda Pope (not pictured: Mandi O'Grady)

Carolina Pacheco Diaz (Universidad Ana G. Mendez) "Functional Conservation of Med15 in Humans and Fungi" (Advisor: Jan Fassler)

Rebecca Davenport (Loyola Marymount University) "The Limitations and Advantages of Citizen-Science Data in Measuring Bee Diversity of Iowa Prairies." (Advisor: Steve Hendrix)

Charles Davis (Rice University) "Describing the Natural Enemy Communities Associated with Andricus foliatus galls on two host trees: Quercus geminata and Quercus virginiana." (Advisor: Andrew Forbes)

Alex Jonguitud (University of South Carolina - Beaufort) "Evolutionary Rates and the History of Polyomavirus Infections in Humans." (Advisor: Andrew Kitchen)

Rachel Nelson (University of Iowa) "Early Season Relationships between Floral Resources and Wild Bees in Urban Environments." (Advisor: Steve Hendrix)

Amanda O'Grady (University of Tennessee - Chatanooga) "Morphometric Analysis of the Conodont Genus Elictognathus and its Relationship to the Genus Siphonodella." (Advisor: Brad Cramer)

Amanda Pope (Humboldt State University) "Using Sleeping Beauty Transposon-mediated mutagenesis to drive the evolution of fluid shear stress resistance in a pancreatic cancer cell population." (Advisor: Chris Stipp)

Isiaha Price (Amherst College) "Bayesian Estimates of Polyomavirus Evolutionary Rates." (Advisor: Andrew Kitchen)

Andrew Seiler (Thomas More University). "Is Fragment Size or Fragment Number more Important to Moth Biodiversity in Iowa Prairie Fragments?" (Advisor: Andrew Forbes)

Ari Szubryt (Southern Illinois University). "The utility of Geometric Morphometrics for Differentiating between Unionid Mussel Species." (Advisor: Mary Kosloski)


Old cap 2019

2019 REU cohort on the stairs of the Old Capital Building in Iowa CIty. Back row: Isiaha Price, Charles Davis. Middle: Amanda Pope, Mandi O'Grady, Alex Jonguitud, Rebecca Davenport, Ari Szubryt. Front row: Rachel Nelson, Drew Seiler, Carolina Pacheco Diaz.