Rachel Reichman

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Rachel Reichman
St. Louis, MO
Lab Affiliation: Alma Mater:
University of Rochester in Rochester, NY
Undergraduate Degree:
Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences with an emphasis in molecular genetics

Research Summary

In 2012, Rachel started her Ph.D. work at the University of Iowa in the iBio (Integrated Biology) Graduate Program in the Department of Biology. She joined Sarit Smolikove's Lab and began work on meiotic regulation in the nematode model organism, C. elegans. Through this research, Rachel was able to gain first-hand experience in CRISPR/Cas-9 genome editing technology and developed an interest in how emerging biotechnologies become "mainstream."

Future Plans

Rachel is currently in the process of finding employment in the private biotechnology sector. 

Graduation Date:
December 2017

Graduate Degree